12 Week Body Transformation Program

Get body shaping results in just 12 weeks working with Michele supervising your customized training and nutrition program through email updates and 50 minute in person or phone consultations.

Prior to starting this program, Michele offers a 50 minute initial consultation to help you clarify your fitness and body shaping goals, in person or over the phone. The program includes a customized nutrition and training program, cardio schedule, and recommended supplements based on your and fitness goals. Michele guides you to establish the mindset and long term behaviors to stay lean in the long term through weekly email reports, unlimited email support for your questions and needs. Since nutritional changes aren’t accomplished over night, Michele guides you to successfully accomplish nutritional and weight loss success, through guiding you step by step to implementing these lifestyle changes through biweekly in person or phone coaching sessions, as well as troubleshooting any nutritional or lifestyle obstacles, and make any modifications to get you through metabolic sticking points. We routinely update the nutrition and training programs to make sure your body’s metabolic and growth rate keeps making continuous progress. This program is offered globally through online support via by email updates and video consultation.

For a Get Acquanted Nutrition Consultation