As we age, our bodies change; our hormones and metabolic rate decline, and as a result energy levels dramatically decrease and it’s harder to stay lean and fit. However, getting older doesn’t have to mean accepting age related decline. The number of your age is irrelevant, our internal organs, physiology, and hormones have an age, and that age doesn’t have to equal the number of years you have been alive. We all once had optimal levels of our hormones and a stronger metabolic rate and in order to combat aging, you have to restore those optimal levels to mimic your healthiest prime.

In order to achieve that younger, fitter body you’ve always wanted, you have to transform your body composition from the inside out, through supportive nutrition and fitness designed to help restore hormonal balance and raise your metabolic rate.

Many people who are overweight blame a sluggish metabolism for their inability to lose weight, however, in reality it is poor dietary habits that are the main contributors to their hormonal imbalance and slow metabolic rate. By eating a supportive whole foods diet, customized to your body’s metabolism and it’s macronutrient preference, you end up eating more food not less, because your body utilizes more of the micronutrients that’s in your diet. It becomes easy to stay lean and fit all year round, because when you feed the body wholesome, nourishing foods, your diet supports and raises your metabolism.

The Body Revolution program successfully gets you to your weight loss and body shaping goals, because it is an integrated protocol of nutrition, fitness, and supplementation designed for your unique body type, hormonal profile and metabolic rate, fitness level, and body shaping goals. We’ll determine current hormonal profile and general health through blood tests performed by your physician or our partnering anti aging physician. We’ll measure your current strength and fitness level and determine which hormonal imbalances are causing you to store body fat. I design a customized nutrition program based on your food preferences, metabolic rate, and weight loss goals, which I will periodically update as you lose weight and your metabolic rate changes. Based on your body composition, strength, and fitness level, I design a fitness program to lose weight and add lean muscle mass to create a fit, sculpted body.

We specialize in working with women and men going through the mid life hormonal changes and conditions of peri-menopause, menopause, andropause, insulin resistance, and an under active thyroid, who want to lose weight and transform their bodies. If bioidentical hormone therapy is recommended I work with a partner anti aging physician to monitor your progress and make any adjustments as your metabolic rate improves.

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