At Forever Fit with Michele LLC, we like to work from the inside out, specializing in nutrition, fitness, and anti aging. We are a results driven, progressive and dynamic company on the leading edge of nutrition and fitness – and we have a formula that works! We also work closely with men and women in their 30’s to their 60’s going through hormonal changes, and guide them to transform their bodies and health through nutrition, fitness, and supplementation designed to increase their metabolic rate and strengthen their unique hormonal profile.

I have over 25 years of experience guiding hundreds of clients from a wide variety of levels, from clients just making their way off the couch to advanced fitness competitors and professionals, to achieve their weight loss, bodyshaping, and health goals by implementing a new nutritional mindset and lifestyle, through mentorship, support, and accountability.

I received my initial nutrition training by learning and working with Joe Klemzcewski, PHD, the founder of the Permanent Weight Loss Solution for 4 years and am a certified private clinic owner of the Permanent Weight Loss Solution. I’m also a certified nutritionist with the renowned Precision Nutrition, and a certified Charles Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner, which is the innovative protocol of strengthening your individual hormonal profile to optimize your metabolic rate, and restoring deficient hormones that occur with aging. I work closely with a partnering anti aging physician to monitor your hormonal profile and to administer bio identical hormone therapy if recommended.

I’m a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, CHHC, AADP from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and worked with the Institute by educating students on the protocol of guiding clients on improving their nutritional lifestyle. I’m also worked as a fitness and nutrition consultant for the national insurance corporation, the Uni-Ter Risk Management Corporation. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for over 24 years.

On April 25th, 2009, I achieved a personal goal of mine as well as setting a record for the fitness organization, the International Natural Body Building and Fitness (INBF), as I became the oldest figure competitor in the history of the organization (INBF) to earn Professional status at the age of 52.

In 2003, I was chosen as a winner of a nationwide 40+ modeling contest jointly sponsored by Wilhelmina models and More Magazine for women over 40.


  • Precision Nutrition PN1
  • Charles Poliquin BioSignature Modulation Practitioner; BIS2
  • Certified Holistic Health Counselor and registered with American Association of Drugless Practitioner from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Purchase College; CHHC
  • Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
  • Private Clinic Owner of Joe Klemczewski’s PHD, The Diet Doc Permanent Weight Loss Solution

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